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Application Procedures for International Students

Step 1 – Apply

Complete the online enrollment application (link to the right and here).

Step 2 – Program Submission

Schedule an audition, entrance exam or submit your demo as applicable to your major.

  • Auditions are required of all Music Performance majors. If unable to come in person, you may submit a recorded video audition. This will be followed by a skype interview with your program’s department head. For upcoming audition dates and instructions, please visit the Auditions page.
  • Demo submissions are required of Music Production majors, Music Composition majors, and Hip-Hop majors. For Production and Composition majors, this will include a performance audition video. Instructions will be sent upon receipt of enrollment application.
  • Department Entrance Evaluations are required of Recording Engineering majors, Music Production Associate Degree and Diploma applicants, and Live Sound Diploma applicants.
  • A General Musicianship Evaluation is required for Music Studies applicants.

Step 3 – Language Requirement

A passing score on either the TOEFL or IELTS exams is required:

Conditional Admission
gliEnglish is the language of instruction at McNally Smith College of Music. We offer the support of an English as a second language program through our affiliate, Global Language Institute. For more information on English Language study, please visit the Global Language Institute website.

TOEFL Requirement Waived
Students who have completed study at Global Language Institute or demonstrate English language proficiency by other means may be admitted without taking the TOEFL.

Step 4 – Documentation

Submit additional documentation as required per your chosen program. Scanned copies of documents are acceptable with the exception of college transcripts.

  • Please contact your high school to request your high school transcript or equivalent academic records be sent to the College.
  • Please submit immunization records.
  • If you have college level credit from another institution, an official copy of your prior college transcript should be sent to our Registrars Office. In order to transfer credit, please have your transcripts reviewed by an international educational credit evaluation service. We recommend

Step 5 – Acceptance

Following submission of all required documents to the Admissions Office, a formal letter of acceptance or denial will be sent within 2 weeks by email and by postal mail.

Step 6 – Financial Documentation

Provide documentation showing you have the necessary funds to cover tuition and living expenses for the first year of your program. This may be in the form of loan statements, bank statements, savings account, etc. This must be an official document showing that you possess or will have access to funds totaling at least the figure provided. This documentation should be sent directly from the institution.

Step 7 – VISA Procedure

Once the financial documentation is received, McNally Smith will process and send the I-20 form. You will need to make an appointment at the nearest U.S. Embassy to obtain your VISA.  Before the embassy appointment, pay the SEVIS I-901 fee and bring receipt of your payment along with the I-20 to the appointment at the embassy as well as when you enter the country. For instructions on how to make the payment, please visit this site.

Step 8 – Confirm Acceptance

Once you receive your visa and finalize your decision to attend McNally Smith College, the enclosed confirmation form must be sent back along with a non-refundable $200 tuition deposit within two weeks of visa receipt. The tuition deposit guarantees your space in our entering class for that semester and will be credited to your first semester tuition bill.

Step 9 – Housing

Begin researching local housing options. Space in the Residence Hall is limited and assignments are made on a first come, first served basis. Students are encouraged to apply early. Please contact with questions. The Admissions Office can guide you through your options.

Step 10 – Orientation

Attend New Student Orientation as scheduled. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We look forward to working with you.

Feel free to contact Kathy Hawks, our International Student and Program Advisor at for assistance at any time.