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Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Minnesota Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is a statewide program that allows students in their junior and senior years of high school to earn college credit while completing high school requirements.

Why PSEO at McNally Smith?

With many high school budgets strained and the arts suffering as a result, McNally Smith provides music students with experienced faculty, instruction, and facilities not available elsewhere. This is an exceptional opportunity to perform and study music, music business, music production, songwriting, the liberal arts, and other fields at a level not offered in a high school setting.

What fees or tuition are there?

Enrollment through the PSEO Program at McNally Smith is offered at no cost to students or parents, and is contingent only on the student’s academic and musical ability, and potential for success in college-level coursework based on the application and audition process. The cost of required books and equipment for PSEO students is also covered by the program. Students must read and sign a PSEO Student Book Contract and return it to the McNally Smith bookstore before checking out their books. Click here to access the PSEO Student Book Contract.

How do I get to McNally Smith?

Students enrolled in the PSEO Program are responsible for their own transportation to the college. For students without private transportation, there are a number of public transportation options. Find out the best route to the college here.

How many students are accepted into the PSEO Program?

McNally Smith accepts a limited number of high school students into the PSEO Program each year. Not every applicant will be accepted into the program. Because of this, the Admissions Office gives priority to students with outstanding auditions, a drive to study music at the college level, and to full-time PSEO students.

How do I apply for the PSEO Program?

Applicants to the PSEO Program should first contact the Admissions Office ( Applicants should work with their Admissions Representative to schedule an audition time — the in-person audition is one of the most important steps in the admission process. Students will also need to complete the online PSEO application, along with the PostSecondary Enrollment Options Program Registration Form 2016-17, and provide any supporting materials requested by the Admissions Office. See below for specific dates and deadlines:

  • Deadline for Fall semester PSEO applicants: May 1st
  • Deadline for Spring semester PSEO applicants: Dec 1st