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McNally Smith College of Music offers several opportunities for international studies, a life-changing experience for many music students. From getting to know another culture, building communication skills, seeing how the music industry operates in other parts of the world, to expanding cultural horizons and networking to compete in the future global market, the chance to study abroad is a remarkable opportunity for any college student.

Semester Exchanges:

Students may study abroad for a semester at the schools listed below. There is no change to tuition cost, and credits are applied no differently than at McNally Smith. The only extra expense for the semester is travel costs. McNally Smith students have great opportunities to study in the following countries:


Victoria University Melbourne, Australia Victoria University is a large school on the southeastern tip of Australia, in the large city of Melbourne. The school offers degrees in many disciplines, so students are able to take a wide variety of courses, in most of these disciplines. Excellent courses in Music Business, as well as Music Performance, Liberal Arts, and Composition are also offered.


Tampere University of Applied Sciences Tampere, Finland Tampere University of Applied Sciences is located in Tampere, Finland, one of the country’s largest cities, northeast of the capital of Helsinki. Courses are also offered in smaller outlying cities near Tampere depending on the area of study. This university offers programs for production, recording, and music business students. Some performances courses are also available, with an emphasis on classical music and theater. Finland is known for its advanced computer skill, and students work on high-level audio-visual projects. The courses in Finland are mainly taught in English, so the language barrier will not be a problem.


Musikhochschule Lübeck Lübeck, Germany This music conservatory is located in the beautiful medieval city of Lübeck, in northern Germany. A short train ride from metropolitan Hamburg, the school is world-renowned, and has a warm and enthusiastic climate for learning, with small class sizes and excellent staff. The Musikhochschule offers degrees in music performance and music education. Students can take courses that include applied music, music theory, ensembles, theater courses, language, and some liberal arts offerings. The courses at Musikhochschule Lübeck and the Institute for Music and Media are taught in German. It is very helpful to know some German when beginning studies there. However, other students have studied at these schools with little or no prior skills in German and done well, learning German while they are studying. Students can also take quick-study courses in German in either of these cities before the semester begins. Institute for Music and Media – Robert Schumann School of Music and Media Düsseldorf, Germany The Institute for Music and Media is a branch of the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media, located in Düsseldorf. On the western edge of Germany, Düsseldorf is a very modern city, known for its contemporary music, fine arts and fashion. This school is recommended for Technology and Production students. Students may work on projects for popular and classical music, recording, and multi-media projects. Students arrange, perform, and record pieces for their projects. Applied music and ensemble courses are offered, as well as some music business courses.


Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music Swarnabhoomi, India Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) is about 80 km south of the coastal metropolis of Chennai. SAM offers studies for performance and composition majors. SAM’s 4 acre campus is located in beautiful lush green surroundings where the soul of rural India shines. The breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, an awe-inspiring night sky and a magical quietude provide a fitting backdrop for making creative music. In the centuries old traditional Indian gurukula system of learning for classical music, the student lives together with the teacher and acquires a much deeper educational experience that is as much learning about life as it is about music. Blending this concept with a modern western educational system of learning and driven by a uniquely designed curriculum that focuses on true multiculturalism in music, SAM is a quintessential global music school. At SAM, learning happens 24 hours a day. To find an impromptu Clave-meets-Carnatic or Samba-meets-Kopanitsa jam sessions on tables with knives, spoons and forks in our dining room at any time of the day is part of everyday life here. Due to the recently signed “International Experience Agreement,” McNally Smith students can take a semester to study abroad at SAM (and vice versa for SAM students).


ArtEZ Institute of the Arts – Arnhem Conservatory of Music Arnhem, Netherlands The Arnhem Conservatory of Music is an excellent school located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, near Germany. This school has an excellent staff, teaching all levels of popular music, including contemporary jazz, pop and music theater. This is an outstanding opportunity for our performance and composition majors. Courses in applied music, music theory, ensembles, music theater, classical music, liberal arts, and Dutch language courses are available. Just one hour from Amsterdam and thirty minutes from Cologne, Arnhem is a very comfortable city and centrally located in Europe, making travel easy all throughout Europe.


Pontifica Universidad Católica del Peru (“PUCP”) Lima, Peru This university offers music courses for performance and composition students. Located in the capital city of Peru, this school offers an excellent opportunity to experience Latin-American music first-hand, as well as to explore the many incredible sites of Peru, and experience the culture. You will live with a Peruvian family as a foreign student at this school. It is necessary to speak Spanish to follow the course work at the school, but you will be able to study the language (for credits) at the school as well.

Other Programs

These institutes offer study abroad experiences for any major, and in many countries: K.E.I. (Knowledge Exchange Institute) This institute, based in New York, offers studies abroad to individual students. KEI has programs in many countries, from Ireland to Kenya, specializing in many areas. Visit the website for the full listing of countries and studies. AIFS (American Institute for Foreign Study) AIFS is an independent study abroad organization offering a wide variety of studies in many countries around the world. AIFS offers music courses in several countries, such as Italy, Ireland, England and Spain. In order to spend a semester abroad with AIFS or KEI, discuss planning the semester with McNally’s Study Abroad office and McNally’s financial aid office. You will then apply through the institute. You will pay McNally tuition, and McNally will in turn pay the tuition to AIFS or KEI.