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Transfer Students

McNally Smith College of Music will make every possible effort to acknowledge work completed at other institutions of higher learning. However, there are several factors that determine the courses that will be considered for transfer, including the area of study, the grade received, whether it fulfills McNally Smith program requirements, and more. Before planning on transferring credits from other institutions of higher learning, consult with the Registrar’s Office regarding all specific program and credit information.

For students whose credits from other institutions successfully transfer, there is a ceiling on how many credits may be applied toward degree programs. No more than 50 percent of a student’s credits from the major area of coursework may consist of credits that have transferred from other institutions. This is to ensure that all students graduating from McNally Smith receive the same overall education.

The Registrar must approve all transferring credits that will be applied toward degree programs. There is no guarantee that transfer of credit will be granted in every case, and all transfer students are strongly encouraged to first consult with the Registrar’s Office.

For more information, contact:

Kerri Vickers, Registrar