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Advanced Afro-Caribbean Drumming

The Advanced Afro-Caribbean Drumming Ensemble provides the student the opportunity to expand on the fundamentals of the drumming traditions of the Spanish speaking Caribbean mastered in the Introductory Ensemble. Ensemble members will participate in group learning of the traditional drumming appropriate to Afro-Caribbean styles/genres such as Bomba, Mozambique, Toque de Guiro, Guaguancó Matancero and Abacuá. The Afro-Caribbean Drumming Ensemble is an introduction to the next level of concepts that are essential for the World Music percussionist/drummer who desires to expand and diversify his/her rhythmic repertoire and vocabulary. Students will be charged with the goal of developing the skills required to demonstrate basic mastery of advanced instrumental technique, ability to perform complex “two drum” rhythms with excellence, understanding of basic “rhythmic conversation”, basic knowledge of improvisational form and structure.


Admittance into the Advanced or Contemporary Percussion Ensemble require either of the following:
1) completion of the Intro Ensemble (ENS120)
2) approval by the instructor

The criteria for approval require the following:
1) demonstration of basic Afro-Cuban tumbadora (conga) technique and
2) demonstrated familiarity with basic Afro-Caribbean rhythms and rhythmic sensibilities

For any questions regarding the Advanced Afro-Caribbean/Contemporary Drumming Ensemble audition process, please contact: