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At McNally Smith College of Music, you’ll explore your passion for music at a world-class music college with a unique hands-on curriculum that immerses you in today’s technology, nurtures your vision, and develops your talents.

Thank you for considering McNally Smith College of Music. Because we look at each student as a unique individual, your interests, aptitude, and potential for success are taken into consideration when you apply. An Admissions representative will serve as your personal guide through the application process. Do not hesitate to call for assistance at anytime.

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Current High School Students: PSEO Program

Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is a statewide program that allows high school seniors to earn college credit while completing high school requirements. The PSEO program is a free option for Twin Cities-area high school students to get a college education in contemporary music. Visit the PSEO page to learn more.