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Beginning Afro-Caribbean Drumming Ensemble

The Afro-Caribbean Drumming Ensemble provides the student the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of drumming traditions of the Spanish speaking Caribbean, focusing primarily on the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Ensemble members will participate in group learning of the traditional drumming appropriate to styles/genres such as Bomba, Guaguancó, Bembé, and Comparsa. The Afro-Caribbean Drumming Ensemble is an introduction to the concepts that are essential for the World Music percussionist/drummer who desires to expand and diversify his/her rhythmic repertoire and vocabulary. The ensemble is also an introduction to the role of the percussionist as exhibited in such contemporary musical genres as Pop, Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Rock & Roll.


Since the Intro Afro-Caribbean Drum Ensemble requires no “official audition”, students that are interested in participating are required to attend a preliminary meeting to take place during the time frame allotted for general ensemble auditions. The preliminary meeting serves as the “audition”, and even though acceptance into the ensemble is guaranteed it is required that students who are even just considering enrollment attend the preliminary meeting.

For any questions regarding the Beginning Afro-Caribbean Drumming Ensemble audition process, please contact: