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Music Performance Careers

The music industry will always need performers and the range and variety of music performance jobs continues to expand from performing in live venues to teaching to working in the recording studio.

Examples of Music Performance Careers

  • Recording/Touring Artist
  • Freelance Performer
  • Music Producer Career
  • Voiceover Artist
  • Backing Vocalist/Instrumentalist

Recording/Touring Artist – When one thinks of music performance careers, the recording/touring artist is probably one of the first music careers that come to mind. The recording or touring artist performs original material either in the studio or in concerts as part of a tour.

Freelance Performer – This music performance career is for vocalists and instrumentalists who like to work in many styles and with many other performers. The freelance performer may be hired to perform for a particular event or length of time. Musicians who work in studio, pit orchestra or other touring productions (stage shows) are all examples of freelance performers.

Music Producer (also called record producer) – A music producer acts is the creative leader for a recording project. She or he supervises the aspects of the recording process, such as hiring musicians, helping to select material and keeping the project on budget. Music production jobs may involve work on projects for artists, film, TV, or other multimedia.

Voiceover Artist – Voice over artists work recording their voices for everything from phone systems to video games and animated film characters to commercials. Also called voiceover talent, voice talent, voice actor, narrators or announcers.

Backing Vocalist/Instrumentalist – The backing musician backs up other artists or bands in a variety of settings, from the studio to live performances. Backing musicians may be hired on job-to-job basis or work and travel full-time with a tour or show. Backing vocalists and instrumentalists are required to attend rehearsals and are responsible for learning repertoire, often on their own. The backing vocalist and instrumentalist should be familiar with numerous musical styles and genres and sight read well. Backing musicians may also be called backup vocalists, session singers, session musicians, sidemen (sidewomen) and freelance musicians.

More Music Performance Jobs

  • Vocal/Instrumental Soloist
  • Worship Leader/Church Soloist/Cantor
  • Commercial/Studio Production Talent
  • Clinician
  • Accompanist (pianist for rehearsals)
  • Musical Theater Performer
  • Floor Show Band/Army Bands
  • Orchestra Member
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Jingle Writer