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Country Ensemble


The Country ensemble will prepare students interested in Country Music to play in real life Country Music settings. It will entail learning the Nashville number system and being able to write and understand a basic number chart. It will cover a variety of Country Music song standards and essential repertoire to enable the students to “sit in” and socialize with potential employers and band mates.

The artists and sidemen chosen for repertoire will be discussed to give a broad understanding of performance practices in this genre. The areas covered will be: Western Swing, Bluegrass, and essential Classic artists from the 1930′s and onward to the most current artists. The repertoire will be chosen by the class and approved by the instructor. All aspects of performance will be addressed as needed.


  1. Choose one of the country songs performed in contemporary Lit.
  2. Choose one classics country song or artist (Johnny Cash, Loretta Lyn, Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard etc….)
  3. Choose one modern country song or artist ( Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldene, Carrie Underwood etc…)

Vocalists: Please choose songs that are in your range and that you can demonstrate both lead and harmony vocals on.

Instrumentalists: Please choose songs that demonstrate your strengths and knowledge of the country music style.

I understand that not everyone is well versed in the country idiom, so when choosing your songs try to learn as much of it note for note as you can. Performances will be done with CD tracks or we can pull them up on the computer. Each audition will be done on a first come first serve basis and will last between 10 to 15 minutes.

For any questions regarding the Country Ensemble audition process, please contact: