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Earn Your Bachelor of Arts in Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The BA in Music program gives you the flexibility to explore different areas of the music industry and the freedom to customize your education based on your creative interests and career goals. You’ll gain essential music skills through a core music curriculum, which includes intensive study of music theory, ear training and ensemble performance. You’ll also develop your talent though individualized private lessons on your primary instrument. And if you’re a multi-instrumentalist, you’ll have the option to study different instruments with faculty from any of the Music Performance programs in order to broaden your musicianship.

A key benefit of this program is that it features a significant number of elective credits. This allows you to diversify your skill-set by earning a minor or concentrating your studies in other areas, such as Music Production, Songwriting or Music Business. You’ll also have more freedom to gain real world experience though internships and study abroad opportunities.

The BA in Music program also has a greater number of general education credits than discipline-specific degree programs such as Production or Performance. This gives you the opportunity to broaden your interests across disciplines and to transfer in many of the credits you may have earned previously from another institution or in one of the other programs offered at McNally Smith.

The BA in Music program might be right for you if:

  • You want the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills across disciplines like Production, Songwriting, Business and Pedagogy to prepare for a life in music
  • You’re ready for a solid core of music studies (including private lessons and ensembles) and liberal arts courses, as well as a high level of freedom in substantial elective credits
  • You’re passionate about pursuing a variety of studies within the context of contemporary music, immersed in both hands-on and academic learning
  • You want the opportunity to transfer in a lot of credits from other areas of study
  • You want to minor in a secondary subject area, including but not limited to Music Performance, Music Business, Live Sound, Hip-Hop Studies, or the new 21st Century Musician track (see below)

21st Century Musician Track

The 21st Century Musician Track prepares you to take advantage of the diverse opportunities that exist in the music, media and entertainment industries. By pursuing the 21st Century Musician Track, you’ll take additional courses in Music Business, Production, and Composition and Songwriting, providing a deeper set of core skills that will help you succeed as an independent artist and entrepreneur.

Your Career Path

Graduates of the BA in Music program are prepared for a variety of career options, including:

  • Performing/Recording Artist
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Session Player
  • Lyricist
  • Author/Poet
  • Entrepreneur
  • Music Journalist
  • Teaching Artist
  • Sound Designer