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Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in Composition

Composition Degree

The Music Composition degree is designed to develop your unique aesthetic as a composer and equip you with the necessary skills to write and produce music for a wide range of media. Through extensive music composition classes, arranging, orchestration, and scoring for the moving image, and also learn to apply contemporary compositional techniques to a variety of formats, including film, TV, theater, animation, video games and more.

As a Music Composition major, you’ll learn to use the latest music hardware and software for the modern composer, including digital audio workstations, synthesizers and sample libraries. Special emphasis is placed on creativity, collaboration, and music business practices, so you’re able to advance your career and apply your craft through a wide range of professional opportunities.

By building a solid musical foundation combined with an understanding of music technology and the entertainment industry, you’ll be prepared to succeed as a composer, arranger, orchestrator, sound designer or music editor.

Ready For The Real World

Your contemporary music composition classes provide a hands-on education in a real world environment. More than just putting pen to paper, you’ll have the opportunity to compose and arrange for ensembles of varying sizes and instrumentation. You’ll work with session musicians and audio engineers to record your music in state-of-the-art studios, learning first hand how to produce music for media. During your time in the program you’ll create a portfolio of work that showcases your talents and highlights your abilities as a composer. This audio resume will help you promote and market yourself to clients and directors.

You’ll also get a head start on your music career by building your professional network while you’re still in school. With access to guest artists, internships and the thriving Twin Cities music and media arts scene, you’ll be connected to the industry before you graduate.

Teaching For Tomorrow

To succeed as a composer, you need a well-rounded education that prepares you for the dynamic future of music and media. That’s why our Composition program focuses on developing your creativity while giving you the necessary technology skills to adapt and compete in the industry. You’ll also graduate equipped with the entrepreneurial concepts and business savvy you’ll need to reach your goals and establish your career.  If you’re looking for a Music Composition degree, our comprehensive program readies you to make and sustain a life in music by blending artistry, technology and entrepreneurship.

With a comprehensive education that blends artistry, technology and entrepreneurship, you’ll be ready to make and sustain a life in music.

Your Career Path

Graduates of the Composition program are prepared for a variety of career options, including:

  • Composer for Media (film, TV, video games)
  • Recording Artist
  • Music Producer
  • Sound Designer
  • Arranger, Orchestrator
  • Music Editor
  • Musical Director
  • Performing Artist

Looking for a hands-on education with contemporary music composition classes that enable you to build your professional network before your graduate? Request more information today to see how McNally Smith College of Music can help you discover your life in music.