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Bachelor Degrees

McNally Smith offers bachelor's degrees in Music Performance, Music ProductionMusic Business, Composition and Songwriting. The highly flexible Bachelor of Arts in Music degree allows you to explore multiple disciplines offered at the College.

Bachelor of Science in Music (Music Producer)

Available Minors: Music Composition, Music Business, Music Performance

At McNally Smith College of Music we are passionate about the art of recording and production.  Our students get hands on experience on a wealth of technical equipment found in professional studios throughout the world.  Working in small groups with experienced instructors means you get the attention you need to thoroughly understand advanced recording, editing, and mixing techniques.  We believe inside every great music producer or recording engineer is the heart of a musician.  That means you’ll also learn the musicianship skills – keyboard, aural, and theoretical – that are essential for artistic success.

Bachelor of Music in Performance

Available Minors: Music Composition, Music Business, Music Production

Our music performance curriculum nurtures your aptitude and self confidence while building the real-life skills needed to succeed as a professional musician.  You’ll complete a core program that emphasizes a strong foundation in music fundamentals, including harmony, sight-reading, and repertoire – from classical to rock, to jazz and funk, to blues and hip-hop.  A McNally Smith education focuses on your career.  Our music classes and seminars expose you to the latest technologies and industry trends.  Sophisticated music projects provide opportunities for you to perform in video, time based media, gaming, TV, film, themed CDs, and commercial applications.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Available Minors: Music Performance, Music Production, Music Composition, Live Sound, Hip-Hop Studies

The highly flexible Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is perfect for the student interested in a contemporary music education complemented with broad liberal arts study. A student pursuing a B.A. in Music has the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in many areas of study to prepare for a life in music. A student in the Bachelor of Arts program should be ready for a solid core of music studies (including private lessons and ensembles) and liberal arts courses, as well as a high level of freedom in substantial elective credits. A B.A. student is encouraged to focus not only on the chosen area of music study, but also to develop strong communication skills, explore complex socio-cultural, ethical, and political issues, and creatively solve problems. A strong candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree will be passionate about pursuing a variety of studies within the context of contemporary music, immersed in both hands-on and academic learning.

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Music Business)

Available Minors: Music Performance, Music Production, Music Composition

A solid music business education begins with traditional music industry operations and moves quickly to the contemporary digital world of doing business.  From the birth of music publishing to the explosion of digital income streams, the music industry is constantly evolving new and radical music business models.  Students are grounded with an extensive knowledge of copyright and contract law, royalty streams, and artist’s rights.  Running their own music and media company gives music students experience with independent labels and direct marketing.  McNally Smith College of Music students also gain practical experience through internships in the music communities of the Twin Cities, Los Angeles, New York City, and Nashville via McNally Smith’s inside track with the music industry’s leading entrepreneurs.

Bachelor of Music in Composition
Bachelor of Music in Songwriting

Available Minors: Music Performance, Music Production, Music Business

We offer one of the most forward thinking and open-minded music composition an songwriting programs available anywhere. We prepare you for the realities of an increasingly complex future by building your confidence and familiarity with the essential tools of the art: the right and left sides of the brain, the laptop, the keyboard, the voice, the rehearsal studio, the digital cinema mixing studio, and the concert stage. In addition to musical theory, arranging, creative writing, and orchestration, our leading edge music curriculum includes laptop remixing, deejaying, rap and spoken word.

McNally Smith is accredited by The National Association of Schools of Music.

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