McNally Smith College of Music

Music Business

Today’s music business student takes advantage of digital tools to expand his or her independent reach rather than relying on large record labels and industry infrastructure.

With special emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation, modern media economics, and strategy, McNally Smith’s Music Business program prepares students to harness modern tools to take advantage of the limitless opportunities that exist in all aspects of music, entertainment, and media.

In the Music Business programs, students study alongside performers, composers, producers, sound engineers, and others in an atmosphere designed to enhance the understanding of these interconnected disciplines. Music Business students have a unique and exciting opportunity to engage with world-class faculty and other classmates on developing sound business strategies, leveraging today’s modern economic models with their own creative pursuits. The curriculum provides students the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in an industry that is changing every day.

The Music Business division at McNally Smith College of Music offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Music Business) and an AAS in Music Business, as well as a one-year Music Business Diploma program.

Artist & Industry

Artist & Industry is a program within the Music Business division that provides students with the opportunity to be exposed to working professionals in the music industry. The class invites notable figures working within all areas of the music industry, including performers, entrepreneurs, booking agents, musical directors, and more. Artist & Industry also provides a forum for interaction and discourse with visiting artists and professionals, as well as the skills, acumen, innovation, and entrepreneurship that these artists engage in regularly to create a life in music. Visiting artists have included:

  • Kyle Frenette, Manager, Bon Iver
  • Dave Ayers, SVP, Chrysalis Publishing
  • Chris Cloud, Founder, MPLS.TV
  • Michael Martin, CEO, Effect Partners (U2, Dave Matthews, Black Eyed Peas green marketing company)
  • Dan Wilson (of Semisonic, songwriter for Dixie Chicks, Adele, and others)
  • Dessa Darling
  • James Rocco, V.P., Producing Artistic Director, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts
  • David Hyslop, Interim President of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Former President of The Minnesota Orchestra and St. Louis Symphony
  • Jeff Castelaz, Founder of Dangerbird Records
  • John Simson, Founder, Former Executive Director, Soundexchange

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