McNally Smith College of Music

Music Performance

At McNally Smith, you're a musician with a name, a personal style, and a world of possibilities.

In the Music Performance division, your instructor is your coach and mentor. Your peers are fellow musicians, collaborators to work with and learn from, who are as committed to the music as you are. The McNally Smith College of Music curriculum draws upon the diverse innovations of American popular music, offering a much wider variety of course selections than the traditional focuses of classical and jazz.

Whether you’re a singer, bassist, guitarist, drummer, brass or woodwind player, strings player, or keyboardist, Music Performance at McNally Smith will help you grow as a student and an artist.

Our instructors are both real players, most of them gigging every week, and academics, passionate about the study of contemporary music. Class sizes are kept small so that each student receives the attention and feedback needed to develop musically. We emphasize live performing opportunities on- and off-campus, making sure that our student musicians step outside their comfort zones to become more competitive performers and to grow as artists.

To find out more about Music Performance at McNally Smith, choose from one of the department areas above, or contact Division Chair Gary Gratz.