McNally Smith College of Music

Music Performance

With a long and storied history of being featured prominently in classical, jazz, and rock and roll music, brass and woodwind instruments continue to be popular in a wide variety of contemporary music styles.

In order to succeed, performers should be skilled not only at playing in diverse styles, but also at understanding and taking advantage of both business and the latest technological innovations. The Brass & Woodwind department at McNally Smith, which encompasses trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, and more, provides students with a highly organized, broad curriculum in order to prepare for making a life in music.

Brass and woodwind performers adopt many roles within groups, from backup musicians to lead soloists. Brass & Woodwind students learn how to take on these roles while developing a unique sound and expressing themselves. McNally Smith students learn to evaluate and expand on their own playing in order to continue developing years after graduating.

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