McNally Smith College of Music

Music Performance

Violins, violas, and cellos have been around as classical instruments for hundreds of years, while also finding a unique position in popular, contemporary music.

In jazz, rock, folk, and even hip-hop, string instruments complement any instrumentation But it’s not enough for a performer to only have excellent technique in the new world of music. String performers need to understand and take advantage of both business and the latest technological innovations to succeed. The Strings department at McNally Smith provides students with a highly organized, broad curriculum in order to prepare for making a life in music.

Strings students at McNally Smith learn in a variety of environments – from private lessons and small group or academic classes to playing in ensembles. String players build skills as members of performing groups and soloists, and are encouraged to explore course offerings in other areas of the college. By taking advantage of an expansive musical education, McNally Smith Strings students learn to evaluate and expand on their own performance in order to continue developing years after graduating.

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