McNally Smith College of Music

Music Performance

To succeed in the fast-paced world of sound recording, students acquire the accounting, marketing, staffing, and equipment management skills that make the difference in their professional careers.

Vocalists in the modern music business must be prepared to fill multiple roles — from the bandleader to the background singer. They will need to be entrepreneurs and innovators, becoming familiar with music business, pedagogy, and technology. The Voice department at McNally Smith provides aspiring vocalists with a highly organized, broad curriculum in order to prepare for a full and sustainable life in music.

Voice students at McNally Smith study a variety of styles of music, from jazz and R&B to contemporary rock, hip-hop, and more. Vocal technique, sight-reading, and musical interpretation are emphasized. Students are also encouraged to explore course offerings within other areas of the college, including business, production, composition, and instrumental performance. By taking advantage of an expansive musical education, McNally Smith students learn to evaluate and expand on their own performance in order to continue developing years after graduating.

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