McNally Smith College of Music

Music Technology

Featuring ten recording studios and three live venues on campus, McNally Smith College of Music boasts the largest number of production facilities in the Midwest.

Within the McKern Studio Complex, students learn how to apply recording and mixing techniques in analog, digital, and hybrid studio environments. By working in these different studio models, students develop a broad range of technical, analytical and problem solving skills that are essential for establishing a career as an audio professional.

Working collaboratively with students in the Composition and Performance programs, Engineering students learn how to run recording sessions, how to edit and mix audio for film, TV and new media, and how to combine their passion for sound with musicianship, technology and creativity to produce music and audio content for professional distribution. Our studios are open evenings and weekends, giving students the opportunity to practice their engineering techniques, work on personal projects, and hone their craft.

Curious about our studio gear? Take the McKern Studio Complex tour below and check out the complete gear list.

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