McNally Smith College of Music

Music Technology

Music production is a rapidly changing industry that encompasses live sound, studio recording, mixing for broadcast, audio for video gaming, content delivery for new media, and much more.

To be successful, producer-engineers need a deep understanding of recording fundamentals—acoustics, electrical engineering, recording and mixing techniques—as well as musical aesthetics, market sensibilities, and proficiency with a wide range of technologies.

Key Classes

Musicianship, Arranging, Keyboard Skills
Production majors develop their core skills in small groups with experienced instructors who are active music production professionals. Part performer and part engineer, music producers need to adapt their musical attributes to studio software like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Reason and Ableton Live. This combination of skill sets offers McNally Smith music production graduates a variety of career options.

Digital Recording
Classes cover advanced editing and recording techniques in the digital realm.

Fourth Semester Project
Advanced music production and recording technology majors record, produce, mix, master, and manage their own studio recording to commercial release readiness, putting all of their newly developed skills to the test.

About the Music Production Demo

Download the Production demo requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Music here (pdf)
Download the Production demo requirements for the AAS or Diploma program here (pdf)

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