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Associate of Applied Science in Music (Business)

A solid music business education begins with traditional music industry operations and moves quickly to the contemporary digital world of doing business. From the birth of music publishing to the explosion of digital income streams, the music industry is constantly evolving new and radical music business models. Students are grounded with an extensive knowledge of copyright and contract law, royalty streams, and artist’s rights. Running their own music and media company gives music students experience with independent labels and direct marketing. McNally Smith College of Music students also gain practical experience through internships in the music communities of the Twin Cities, Los Angeles, New York City, and Nashville via McNally Smith’s inside track with the music industry’s leading entrepreneurs.

60 Credits (40 major, 20 liberal arts)

1st Semester

  • BUS 118 Music Industry Economics (3)
  • BUS 105 Music Industry Careers (3)
  • BUS *** Business Elective (3)
  • Liberal Arts Courses*

Total Credits: 9 + Liberal Arts credits

2nd Semester

  • BUS 129 New Media Strategies — Lecture + Lab (4)
  • BUS 319 Legal Aspects of Music & Entertainment (3)
  • BUS 211 Financial Accounting (3)
  • BUS 310 Artist Management & Promotion (3)
  • Liberal Arts Courses*

Total Credits: 13 + Liberal Arts credits

3rd Semester

  • BUS 221 Managerial Accounting (3)
  • BUS 323 Copyright and Music Publishing (3)
  • MUS 118 History of American Popular Music (3)
  • Liberal Arts Courses*

Total Credits: 9 + Liberal Arts credits

4th Semester

  • BUS 330 Music Marketing and Merchandising (3)
  • BUS 317 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (3)
  • BUS *** Business Elective (3)
  • Liberal Arts Courses*

Total Credits: 9 + Liberal Arts credits

Overall Credits: 60 – 40 major, 20 liberal arts

Please be aware that there may be adjustments to the semester-by-semester course sequence based upon: start date, transfer credits, specific department requirements and advisor recommendations.

*Liberal arts requirements vary depending on degree program. Please refer to the course catalog for more information.

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