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Associate of Applied Science in Music Performance (Bass)

The Bass Performance A.A.S. degree program can be completed in as little as two years and combines the intensive musical study from the diploma program with advanced studio and live performance opportunities, along with a core of liberal arts courses. This accelerated program is specially designed for aspiring music professionals who:

  • Want a performance degree that combines broad study in the liberal arts,
  • Have some previous work experience,
  • Have general education credits that can be transferred into the degree program, OR
  • Previously completed a degree in a field other than music

By completing an A.A.S. in music performance, you’ll also be prepared to continue your studies in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.

60 Credits (40 major, 20 liberal arts)

1st Semester 

  • APP 100B Applied Music (1)
  • MUS 113B Applied Theory I (2)
  • MUS 114B Technique I (1)
  • MUS 115B Contemporary Music Literature I (2)
  • MUS 104B Sight Reading and Repertoire I (1)
  • MUS 107 Music Theory I (2)
  • MUS 100K Keyboard Lab I (1)
  • MUS 140 Ear Training I (1)
  • ENS 150 Large Ensemble (1)
  • Liberal Arts Courses*

Total Credits: 12 + Liberal Arts credits

2nd Semester 

  • APP 100B Applied Music (1)
  • MUS 123B Applied Theory II (2)
  • MUS 124B Technique II (1)
  • MUS 125B Contemporary Music Literature II (2)
  • MUS 105B Sight Reading and Repertoire II (1)
  • MUS 121 Music Theory II (2)
  • MUS 102K Keyboard Lab II (1)
  • MUS 141 Ear Training II (1)
  • MUS 110 Artist and Industry Seminar l (1)
  • Liberal Arts Courses*

Total Credits: 12 + Liberal Arts credits

3rd Semester 

  • APP 150B Applied Music (2)
  • MUS 238B Music Interpretation I (2)
  • MUS 106B Sight Reading Repertoire III (1)
  • MUS 211 Music Theory III (2)
  • MUS 200k Keyboard Lab III (1)
  • MUS 208 Ear Training III (1)
  • ENS 100 Ensemble (1)
  • REC 111 Introduction to Music Technology (1)
  • Liberal Arts Courses*

Total Credits: 11 + Liberal Arts credits

4th Semester 

  • APP 150B Applied Music (2)
  • MUS 143 Desktop Music Publishing (1)
  • ENS 100 Ensemble (1)
  • MUS 130 Artist and Industry Seminar II (1)
  • MUS 200 Sophomore Jury (0)
  • Liberal Arts Courses*

Total Credits: 5 + Liberal Arts credits

Overall Credits: 60 – 40 major, 20 liberal arts*

Please be aware that there may be adjustments to the semester-by-semester course sequence based upon: start date, transfer credits, specific department requirements and advisor recommendations.

Associate in Applied Science in Music Performance students are required to:

  • Participate in at least one ensemble each semester throughout their academic tenure. (In rare cases, exceptions are granted with Department Head Approval. Ensemble credit for professional ensemble experience is also a rare exception and only approved through the Dean of Academic Affairs).
  • Have a minimum of one semester of a large ensemble experience.
  • Complete their “Concert Attendance” forms.

*Liberal arts requirements vary depending on degree program. Please refer to the course catalog for more information.

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