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Electronic Music Ensemble

Electronic Music Ensemble focuses on performance using computers and controllers. While most students use Ableton Live, any software or hardware that lets one perform with electronic sounds are welcome. Acoustic instrumentalists interested in experimenting with effects and amplification are also welcome.


For Electronic Musicians: During the audition students will be asked to explain their experience with electronic music performance. This may include their hardware and software setup. If a student has no experience in this area, the audition will consist of an interview designed to gauge the students’ aptitude for computer music instrumentation. There is no need to bring hardware, controllers, etc. to the audition.

For Standard Instrumentalists: Please bring your instrument, and be prepared to demonstrate improvisation. The interview portion will include discussing your previous use of electronic (or electro-acoustic) elements in your performances. If you have never used these elements, the interview will be designed to gauge your aptitude for computer music.
For any questions regarding the Electronic Music Ensemble audition process, please contact: