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Emerging Artist Series

The Emerging Artist Series showcases McNally Smith's diversity and musicianship, with over 30 student ensembles performing in venues across St. Paul this Spring. All Emerging Artist Series concerts are FREE and open to the public, so come out and join us for 8 nights of amazing live music! Scroll down for a full listing of ensembles, venues and set times.



All About Jazz
Sunday, April 10 – 3:00 p.m.
Amsterdam Bar and Hall

The Emerging Artist Series kicks off with a bang with All About Jazz at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall, featuring a pair of award winning, international touring groups — the X-Tet Jazz Orchestra and Fusion Ensemble — and a special guest appearance from Peruvian master guitarist Andres Prado.

  • 3:00pm Jazz III – Steve Jennings
  • 3:45pm Jazz II – Chris Olson
  • 4:30pm Latin Jazz – Liz Kuivinen
  • 5:15pm Fusion – Adam Meckler
  • 6:15pm Advanced Jazz – Peter Schimke
  • 7:15pm X-Tet Jazz Orchestra – Pete Whitman
  • 8:15pm Serbian Ensemble – Petar Janjic


Contemporary Music Night #1
Monday, April 11 – 7:30 p.m.
Minnesota Music Café

From Country and Jazz, to Traditional Blues and the gypsy tunes of Hot Club, there’s something for all tastes at the first of four Contemporary Music Nights at the Minnesota Music Café.

  • 7:30pm Country – Travis Schilling
  • 8:15pm Jazz IV – Randy Sabien
  • 9:00pm Hot Club – Randy Sabien
  • 9:45pm Traditional Blues – Tim Lyles
  • 10:30pm R&B II– Jeff Bailey
  • 11:15pm Classic Rock – Steve Jennings

Contemporary Night #2
Tuesday, April 12 – 8:15 p.m.
Minnesota Music Café

Don’t miss Contemporary Music Night #2, featuring the melodic Chinese pop of Rock Doll, the energetic rock of the Alt Pop and Pop Punk ensembles and the blistering precision of the XTreme Metal ensemble.

  • 8:15pm Rock Doll – Shon Parker
  • 9:00pm Alt Pop – Scott Agster
  • 9:45pm Pop Punk – Scott Agster
  • 10:30pm XTreme Metal – Mike Salow
  • 11:15pm Sonic Coitus

Contemporary Night #3
Wednesday, April 13 – 7:30 p.m.
Minnesota Music Café

Contemporary Music Night #3 highlights include the driving riffs of the guitar-heavy Modern Rock, G3 and and Metal ensembles.

  • 7:30pm Composition – Joe Horton
  • 8:15pm Improv – Joe Horton
  • 9:00pm Modern Rock II – Steve Jennings
  • 9:45pm Modern Rock I – Steve Jennings
  • 10:30pm G3 – Mike Salow
  • 11:15pm Metal – Mike Salow

Contemporary Night #4
Thursday, April 14 – 7:30 p.m.
Minnesota Music Café

The 4th and final Contemporary Music Night truly spans the gamut of styles — from the urban pulse of the Hip-Hop and Indie Rock ensembles, to the international sounds of the Ska and Serbian Music ensembles.

  • 7:30pm Hip-Hop – Kevin Washington
  • 8:15pm Ska – Scott Agster
  • 9:00pm Funky Blues – Steve Jennings
  • 9:45pm R&B I – Jeff Bailey
  • 10:30pm Indie Rock – Steve Jennings
  • 11:15pm Serbian Ensemble – Petar Janjic


Sing Out!
Monday, April 18 – 7:00 p.m.
McNally Smith Auditorium

Join us for Sing Out! — an amazing night of choral music and vocal performance, featuring the SONIC Men’s Acapella Vocal Ensemble, the award-winning Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, and the McNally Smith Singers.

  • SONIC Men’s Acapella Vocal Ensemble – Shon Parker
  • Contemporary Vocal Ensemble – Jennifer Parker
  • McNally Smith Singers – Maria Vejdani


Classical Guitar Night
Tuesday, April 19 – 7:00 p.m.
26 Exchange St., Studio 108

Enjoy an evening of Classical Guitar performance, lead by internationally renowned, award-winning artist Dr. Eva Beneke.

  • Classical Guitar Ensemble – Eva Beneke


Percussion & Salsa Dance Night
Thursday, April 21 – 7:00 p.m.
McNally Smith Auditorium/Atrium 

Get into the groove on Percussion & Salsa Dance Night with the Stomp- and Blue Man Group-inspired Time Awareness Project, and the exciting world rhythms of the Afro-Caribbean Percussion Ensembles.

  • 7:00pm T.A.P. Ensemble (Auditorium) – Dave Schmalenberger
  • 8:00pm Afro Caribbean Percussion Ensembles w/ Salsa Dancing* (Atrium) – Shai Hayo

*You’re invited to join in on the dancing, and learn from salsa instructors Chini Perez Domenech and Rene Thompson!