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Full Circle Ensemble

This class will focus on the performance and reinterpretation of sampled works. The goal of this class will be to develop a unique system to approaching material as it was originally conceived and recorded, as it was refashioned in a sampled setting and in a third setting that will bring the composition “full circle” to be fleshed out in a different way. Class time will be spent focusing on a limited number of influential sample based composer from a particular region of the world. We will also be adding student compositions influenced by sampling techniques.

Shorter Course Description: Learn to play sampled material in a hybrid/live/sampling setting. Each semester will focus on the composers of a different region of the world.


Please visit the soundcloud page for Full Circle auditions ( There you will find instrument by instrument audition tracks for Full Circle! Please be prepared to mimic the instrument listed on each track for your audition. If you are an mc, vocalist or DJ please prepare a 2 minute routine you are prepared to perform solo.

For any questions regarding the Full Circle Ensemble audition process, please contact: