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Improv Ensemble


The Improv Ensemble is a small ensemble exploring the art of spontaneous composition in a group setting. Members are expected to have a strong grasp of their native instrument and the willingness to play a diverse array of genres from hip-hop to funk to jazz to indie rock. Under the direction of Joe Horton (No Bird Sing, Coloring Time), the group hones their listening ability, group chemistry, and compositional technique to produce on the fly compositions fluid enough to be mistaken for pre-conceived pieces. This is not a jam band.

Current Students


The audition process has prospective members play with the current Improv Ensemble. Any instrument or voice is welcome to audition. Improv experience is helpful, but not necessary. An adventurous attitude and the willingness to expand creatively is a must.

For any questions regarding the Improv Ensemble audition process, please contact: