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Latin Ensemble

Latin Jazz

The Latin Ensemble performs repertoire from a broad spectrum of Afro-Caribbean, Brazilian, Latin jazz fusion and selected South American styles.  Students are introduced to the fundamentals of Afro-Caribbean Son and Brazilian Samba.  Assignments will be given.   Additional styles and genres are introduced and may vary from semester to semester. Course work includes performance of 5-6 musical works, 2+ performances and a recording session.  Students will perform rhythmically challenging compositions and must be willing to dedicate necessary practice time.  Enhancing student’s sense of ‘time’ and group ‘groove’ listening skills are a strong focus in this ensemble.


1) Please prepare “Morning” by Clare Fischer to be performed along with the recording:

Download chart here: Morning Rhythm Chart (.pdf)

2) You will also be asked to sight read.

3) You will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Tone, Time, Feel/Groove, Improvisation, and Musicality.

4) Contact Scott Agster for more information on audition dates and requirements.