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New Orleans Brass Band Ensemble

The Brass Band Ensemble performs a variety of New Orleans repertoire including: traditional, gospel, parade, and contemporary.  This ensemble provides practical opportunities to develop reading, aural learning, and improvisation in a variety of contexts.  Historical and cultural information will be presented along with the performance aspect of the ensemble.  The Brass Band consists of trumpet, sax, trombone, sousaphone, and marching percussion.  Often times this ensemble will record and perform outside of the school during the course of a semester.  Due to the vibrant Brass Band scene in the Upper Midwest there are occasionally opportunities to perform with other professional Brass Bands.

Current Students


Dirty Dozen Brass Band

New Birth Brass Band

Brass Band Audition

1) Please prepare Mardi Gras in New Orleans to be performed along with the recording. Note: The Drum parts performed as split percussion.

  • Snare Drum – your roll includes marching snare and crash cymbal.
  • Bass Drum – your roll includes marching bass drum and mounted ride cymbal.
  • Consult the videos for an idea of how these rolls are executed.
  • Mounted equipment will be provided at the audition.

2) You will also be asked to sight read, improvise, and play by ear.

3) You will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Tone, Time, Feel/Groove, Improvisation, and Musicality.