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McNally Smith Featured in Twin Cities Business Magazine!

McNally Smith College of Music is the subject of a four-page feature spread in the November 2008 edition of Twin Cities Business magazine. The profile, written by Megan Wiley, provides an insightful look at McNally Smith’s past, present and future, and features interviews with McNally Smith insiders.  President Harry Chalmiers features prominently in discussing the school’s origins, the progress that has been made over the years, and the future vision for continued growth.  Weaving in recent events, such as the school hosting The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, with nuggets from the Music Tech days, the writer paints a picture of the school’s impressive trajectory.  Debbie Sandridge and Chris Osgood eloquently address the importance of relationships in the music industry at large, as well as the local music community, in promoting McNally Smith’s many virtues.  Above all, the article shines a light on what separates McNally Smith from “traditional” music schools, capturing McNally’s focus on contemporary music and the crucial attention to the realities of the music business in the 2000s.  Jack McNally, Doug Smith and several other McNally Smith personalities are also quoted or discussed in the article. All that plus a photo of Harry Chalmiers and Chris Osgood that’s suitable for framing make this article highly recommended reading.

Read it here.