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Jake Mohan Named to McNally Smith College of Music Faculty as New Music Journalism Instructor in Liberal Arts

Jake MohanAn experienced working drummer/writer is set to rock the written word at McNally Smith College of Music this coming fall when Jake Mohan begins his stint as the newly appointed Journalism Instructor in the music school’s Liberal Arts division. Mohan is both a writer and musician, living in Minneapolis. Mohan holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota.

Mohan has written about music and other subjects for the Utne Reader, City Pages, the Star-Tribune, Reveille Magazine, and other publications and currently plays in the eclectic pop-rock band, Run at the Dog. Mohan holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota. His group is self-described as “a high-intensity coed quintet of local weirdos, with a sound like Abba meets Faith No More meets Mos Def meets the Mormon Tabernacle Choir meets Steely Dan.”

“We are excited to have Jake join our growing faculty at McNally Smith School of Music,” notes Janis Weller, Chair of the Liberal Arts Division. “Like many of the school’s teachers who are also practicing musicians, he has the requisite talent, teaching skills and real-world experience to inspire and engage our students.” Mohan’s course work will include careful consideration of both historical and contemporary music writing, and the different formats in which music writing appears, from traditional formats like newspapers and magazines to blogs and social media.

“I am looking forward to working with the wonderful students and faculty members at McNally Smith,” Mohan says. “Music criticism is a very easy thing to do poorly, and a very difficult thing to do well. In my class, we will stress the importance of constructive, rather than dismissive, criticism and explore music journalism from both the writer’s and musician’s point of view. We will always strive to honor the musician’s work and describe it in fresh, coherent ways, which takes a great deal of patience, revision, and respect for both music and the written word.”