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McNally Smith College of Music releases Radio Ready Vol. 1

Radio ReadyIntroducing Radio Ready Vol. 1!

The latest CD offering from McNally Smith College of Music is a compilation containing tracks from both students and alumni. The 12 tracks showcase the talent and musical diversity of the McNally Smith student body.

Click on the name of a song to download the mp3 file.

  1. Electrostatic (mp3)
    The Alpha Centauri
  2. Slow Curve (mp3)
    Nick Holmes
  3. Over and Over (mp3)
    Speed’s The Name
  4. You (Space) Me
    Parts For All Makes
  5. Chorinho
    Patricio Toledo Creus
  6. Day in Night
    Nick Kaihoi
  7. Life is Good Here
    High Hopes
  8. Depraved
    Dan Musselman
  9. The Seeds or the Weeds
    Dada Trash Collage
  10. Mountain Top
    Kill-Me Kare Bare
  11. Bee Tea
    Me and My Arrow
  12. Monitor Progress
    These Modern Socks