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McNally Smith Names 16 Scholarship Recipients For Upcoming Term

McNally Smith College of Music has announced the 11 finalists for the prestigious Ice Cube and Diana Ross Scholarships, while also naming 16 recipients of various scholarship awards for the 2010-2011 academic year, including one scholarship named for the current Mayor of St. Paul, Chris Coleman, and one recipient from Guatemala.  Scholarship winners are determined by a committee of faculty members from all four major departments:  Music Performance, Music Business, Music Production and Composition, and Recording Technology.

Once chosen, winners for the Ice Cube and Diana Ross awards will receive half-tuition at the music college. The Ice Cube Scholarship for recording technology is a program area focused heavily on music production, while Diana Ross Scholarship is centered on music performance.

“The Scholarship Selection Committee was very pleased with the record number of applicants this year for all of the McNally Smith Scholarship programs,” notes Jeff Aalbers, Senior Director of Administrative Services. “The quality of submissions was the best we have seen and unfortunately we are only able to distribute a limited number of awards. We feel this is an extremely talented class of students coming to the college in the Fall of 2010 and look forward to their arrival in September.”

The Conclave, B-Girl Be, and Presidential Scholarship winners also receive half-tuition awards.  All remaining scholarships are for $3,000 each school year and are renewable for up to four years.

Ice Cube Finalists

·       Samuel L Lewis

·       Wesley Berger

·       Stephen Sullivan

·       Samuel O’Sullivan

·       Jonathan Gering

Diana Ross Finalists

·       Katherine Nelsen (Vocal)

·       Benjamin Kelly (Bass)

·       Taylor Muell  (Vocal)

·       Korey Hicks (Guitar)

·       Cierra Hill (Violin)

·       Joel Thielman (Keyboard)

Conclave Scholarship

·       Grace Evenson (Music Business)

B-Girl Be Scholarship

  • Courtney Paulson (Hip Hop)

Presidential Scholarship Winners

  • Antonio Monterroso – (Guitar)
  • Zackary Warpinski – (Bass)
  • Jonathan Fant—(Composition)

Founders Scholarship Winners

·       Brittany Cowell – (Music Business)

·       Reva Hansen – (Music Business)

·       Wesley Berger – (Production)

·       Cullen Fitzpatrick– (Composition)

·       Michael Holloway – (Composition)

·       David Sutton – (Violin)

·       Joel Thielman – (Keyboard)

Ben Sidran Scholarship

–       Samuel L Lewis (Production

Chris Coleman Scholarship

–       Lukas Skrove (Trumpet)

Debbie Duncan Scholarship

–       Katherine Nelsen (Vocal)

Marv Dahlgren Scholarship

–       Peter Suttman (Percussion)

Watch for an announcement about the winners for the Ice Cube and Diana Ross scholarships very soon.