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2012 Edition of Composed Now Available

We are proud to announce that the 2012 edition of Composed—The Literary Journal of McNally Smith College of Music is now available!

Composed is a collection of creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, song, drama and visual art crafted by our very own students, faculty, staff, alumni and other members of the greater McNally Smith community. Composed is a product of McNally Smith’s Liberal Arts department, which hones students’ critical/creative thinking and problem solving skills while building a better, well-rounded understanding of the world at large.

2012 Composed contributors (in alphabetical order):

Ta-coumba Aiken, Chris Bartels, Lucas Beach, Jake Bolles, Sarah Hoenstein Burk, Anthony Cadiz, Ross Charmoli, Adam Conrad, Anastasia Davis, Allen Dupras, William G. Franklin, Samuel J. Goldberg, Andrew Hill, Anders Hoff, Ryan Horton, Christopher Jopp, Sean Chaucer Levine, Morgann Martinson, Melissa Oakvik, Atim Opoka, Harley Patton, Jessica Pauly, Jayden Roberts, Paul Rousseau, Michelle Schneider, Crystal Shoener, Christopher Scott, Oceanna Snyder, Zach Thayer, Adrian Thomas, yesha townsend, Jackson Weyrauch, Ashley Wiermaa.

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