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Kathryn Knuttila Named Miss Minnesota

Kathryn Knuttila, a 23-year-old native of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and a current Junior studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Composition at McNally Smith College of Music, was crowned Miss Minnesota over the past weekend during the annual pageant. The Miss Minnesota event took place in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities, at the Eden Prairie Performing Arts Center, Saturday night, June 19, 2010. Knuttila’s older sister, Kari Knuttila Heisler, held the same title in 2001.

During the pageant Kathryn was named the recipient of the Tracy Joy McBride Quality of Life Award and will receive more than $20,000 in scholarship monies and awards. She also will represent Minnesota in the annual Miss America competition in 2011. The honor did not surprise one of her teachers at the music college.

“Kathryn has very powerful musical instincts and formidable technical chops as a pianist,” notes Chris Cunningham, Head of the Composition Department at McNally Smith. “She has been an outstanding student with a very positive personal drive and is a strong and prolific composer.”

Cunningham added, “I speak for everyone at the college, from the faculty and executive officers to the student body, in congratulating her on this outstanding personal achievement. We know it will lead to even greater opportunities for her professionally and as a maker of music.”