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Radio On at McNally Smith!

After a quiet launch late last year, things are going strong at the new McNally Smith online radio station. Now bands from anywhere, local music makers and scenesters, singers, songwriters, and others have another outlet for their work. Listeners can tune in below or at the home page by clicking on the radio logo. There is also a free application available for download for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

The new station is now building a variety of programming — all of it student-run — with a little help from Composition faculty member, award-winning composer, and interactive media artist J. Anthony Allen, who also heads the Progressive Media Group. The station’s director of programming, Chester Yourczek, says that listeners can expect the shows to grow in number as buzz builds among the student body and out in the digital expanses. Both hope that the word gets out to musicians and record labels everywhere to send in their CDs, mp3s, and other material for airing on the new station.

“Along with a wide variety of music by ‘established artists’ and newcomers, we’re also playing a lot of student, alumni, and faculty work, which means we’re airing many leading-edge musicians, from contemporary to some of our seasoned rock, jazz and R&B teachers who have deep recording histories,” says Yourczek, a third-year student from northern Minnesota studying Composition and Production. “We are producing special shows about the music industry, in addition to featuring people in the business and various visiting guests. So far, everyone involved, from college President Harry Chalmiers on down, are very excited about the potential for McNally Smith Radio.”

Allen says the radio operations could evolve into part of the school’s educational curriculum at some point, given McNally Smith’s mission of providing strong learning environments in all areas of the music scene.

“The radio idea was really pushed by students originally,” Allen notes, “and now that it’s up and running and adding shows, I think you will see it grow fairly rapidly and eventually provide a platform for those students interested in radio careers, either online or at terrestrial radio. It’s a natural addition to what we do here already and it’s being well received.”

Sample of the New Shows Emerging at McNally Smith Radio

  • Makoa Johnson, Monday 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Each week features a loosely-themed hour of music spanning a large range of genres, airing to the lighter side of things, complete with DJ commentary.

  • A.J. Tyree, Friday 3-4 p.m.

The Age Radio Show features a variety of music from rock to rap, jazz to blues, country to metal, and much more. Think of it as a talk show that looks at current events locally, nationally, internationally, and even any trends that are going on at McNally Smith. Follow A.J. on Twitter: @AgeTyree.

  • Chester Yourczek, Monday 8-9 p.m.

Twin Cities Metal Radio is a show dedicated to the local hard rock/metal music scene, with cuts provided by the artists and special guests and promotion of bands, events, and whoever else is involved in making metal successful in this area.

To get in touch with the radio station, email