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Sound Crawl, Featuring McNally Smith Ensembles, to Parade During St. Paul Art Crawl

McNally Smith's Laptopia Ensemble

McNally Smith's Laptopia Ensemble

The St. Paul Art Collective’s Art Crawl will be providing the city’s art lovers with an open exploration of galleries and venues this weekend, accompanied by a different kind of parade. This year marks the third consecutive year of pairing the Art Crawl with a soundtrack – the Sound Crawl, a hybrid parade consisting of traditional and experimental groups. Sponsored by McNally Smith College of Music, Sound Crawl was introduced in 2009, and grew out of discussions between Chris Osgood, Vice President of Organizational Affairs at the college, and J. Anthony Allen and Chris Cunningham, both faculty members and ensemble directors. Partnering with the Art Crawl, McNally Smith sought out and provided ensembles to supply the event with music groups on the go. From trombones and marching drums to rappers and singers, to an all solar-powered laptop group, the McNally Smith Sound Crawl welcomes the most experimental ensembles to take part and perform.

This year’s Sound Crawl features:

  • The Full Circle Maximalist Marching Ensemble — Horns, rappers and singers from the music college with megaphones, many drums and percussion, electric marching guitars with specially designed backpack amps, laptops, and much more. Special guests TBA.
  • The Brass Messengers — One of the Twin Cities’ most established marching group of Balkan Brass/Circus Freak/Highsteppers.
  • The Art Cars — Providing Surrealist Parade support, cartage, and mobile amp staging for the community since the 1980s.
  • Jack Brass Band — A New Orleans-style brass band that builds on jazz traditions, adding blues, funk, hip-hop, rock, and reggae to the mix.
  • Laptopia — The world’s first and only all laptop solar powered marching band returns for their third Sound Crawl engagement — under the direction of J. Anthony Allen — McNally Smith Composition faculty member, award-winning composer, interactive media artist and the head of the college’s Progressive Media Group.


Friday, April 29: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Sound Crawl begins at McNally Smith College of Music (19 Exchange St. E), marches to Mears Park and around St. Paul’s Lowertown.