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Welcome from President Harry Chalmiers

President Harry Chalmiers

Parents and Students:

The world of contemporary music is rapidly changing, and it is our mission to prepare our students to succeed in this demanding environment.  Technology has made a dramatic impact on how music is created, performed, recorded, distributed, and heard.  A truly contemporary school of music must keep abreast of these changes, and help students to understand and pursue new paths to careers in music.

It is not enough to develop one’s skills as an instrumentalist, songwriter, or technician.  One must have something to say and be able to express depth of thought and understanding that is worthy of attention.  In addition, to be heard, students must be entrepreneurs, skilled in promotion, communication, networking, and collaboration.  All of these components are part of the educational foundation we provide for our students.

We have accomplished a lot for a relatively young institution, and our future is extremely bright. We can make beautiful music together.

Harry Chalmiers