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Master Drummer and McNally Smith Percussion Instructor Celebrating 20th Year with a Bang

Dave StanochDavid Stanoch, who’s played around the world with everyone from Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt and Keb Mo to New Kids on the Block, Herb Ellis, Robert Goulet and many others, is marking his 20th year at McNally Smith College of Music with several outstanding recent achievements. As Stanoch notes, the kudos and occasions started just as 2010 ended.

First, he was a Featured Artist on Drummerworld. Then he presented a Master Class based on the concepts of his popular method book, Mastering the Tables of Time, Vol. I, at the 2010 Percussive Arts Society International Convention. There he was warmly received by a full house that included many good friends and icons of the percussion industry including Bernard Purdie, John “J.R.” Robinson, Stanton Moore, Vic Firth, Dom Famularo, Jim Payne, Adam Nussbaum, and his boyhood teacher and inspiration, Elliot Fine.

Since then, he’s continued to be on a (drum) roll:

Doc Severinsen Big Band: “This may be the most exciting gig of my life, subbing Doc Severinsen’s Big Band for the great Ed Shaughnessy (on his recommendation) with the legendary Doc at Orchestra Hall! I’ve known Ed since my senior year of high school. We performed together when he appeared as a guest artist with my school’s jazz ensemble. Ed took an interest in me and has given me some very generous behind-the-scenes support over the years. About a month ago, when he realized he had a conflict with Doc’s date he called me out-of-the-blue to ask if I could sub for him and shortly afterward I got a call from Doc’s management to hire me for the job. It was a unique opportunity to sit in that hot seat and play with the leader of the NBC Orchestra from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson — a show I grew up watching, and was so inspired by the great music and musicians that I saw there every night for so many years.”

Stanoch adds, “The rehearsals were exhausting. But at 83, Doc sounds marvelous and wore us all out. And by the time we kicked off the sold-out show at Orchestra Hall, we were killing! Doc was extremely happy with the results and, after the show, gave me a tremendous compliment when he looked me in the eye and told me ‘Don’t be surprised if we do this again.'”

Doc Severinsen Big Band Rhythm Section: Bassist Kevin Thomas, Pianist Mary Louise Knutson, Doc and David Stanoch in a dream-come-true moment.

Doc Severinsen Big Band Rhythm Section: Bassist Kevin Thomas, Pianist Mary Louise Knutson, Doc and David Stanoch in a dream-come-true moment.

Stanoch featured in Upcoming August issue of Modern Drummer: A new educational article that he’s written will be published in the Strictly Technique column of the August, 2011 issue of Modern Drummer magazine (on newsstands in early July). It’s his eighth article for the world’s most popular drumming magazine — “and it may be the one I’m most proud of as it celebrates the innovative masterwork, 4-WAY COORDINATION — a groundbreaking drumset method book, released in 1963, written by two incredible gentlemen who have inspired me since my childhood – Marvin Dahlgren, whom I’ve worked with on the faculty of McNally Smith College of Music for the past 20 years, and Elliot Fine, my boyhood private teacher. It has influenced generations of some of the world’s most revered drumset artists, complete with several innovations in the art of drumming.”

Preview the article here

Exclusive Endorsement Signing with Yamaha Drums: After many years of playing them, the tireless musician is now exclusively endorsing Yamaha Drums. “Yamaha’s commitment to education is a very important part of our relationship as it is every bit as important to them as it is to me to inspire the highest quality of learning with what I believe are the best made drums and hardware in the world. I am extremely proud to now have the official support of Yamaha Drums, along with the same from my great friends at Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Alfred Music Publishing, the Drummer Cafe website, the Hudson Music Teacher Integration Program, and the McNally Smith College of Music. It encourages and inspires me to be myself and play and teach to my full potential with the great gift of being able to do so using the finest instruments, implements and resources available on the planet. It’s a dream come true, believe me. “

20th Anniversary on the McNally Smith Percussion Faculty: Finally, the master drummer is also celebrating 20 years of teaching others how to keep time! “I was hired in November of 1990, but didn’t actually begin teaching until January of 1991. The school has grown and changed tremendously over the years with regard to the state-of-the-art facilities we now have to offer our students, but the mission — – to help those who seek a professional career in the contemporary musical arts receive the finest and most personal instruction available to help them reach their goals — remains the same. “

“I would like to personally thank my department head and friend, the great Gordy Knudtson (drummer for the Steve Miller Band for over 20 years now), for believing in me and hiring me to be part of his great team. I’d also like to thank the entire college administration, who support me greatly and work tirelessly to make the school the elite yet down-to-Earth establishment it is, and also thank all of the wonderful students I’ve taught for twenty years. They are the ones who inspire me to be at my best both in the classroom and onstage.”

Check out David Stanoch’s website for other insights — including his fundraising efforts for legendary drummer Clyde Stubblefield.