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Fall SoundCrawl on October 7 Features Marching Ensembles, New Orleans-Inspired Brass Band, Segways, and More!

McNally Smith's Laptopia Ensemble

McNally Smith's Laptopia Ensemble

It’s not quite 76 trombones leading the big parade — but it’s just as interesting and even a little weird! During the annual Fall SoundCrawl, Friday, October 7, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in St. Paul’s Lowertown, 16 Segways will be part of the SoundCrawl Parade in a choreographed Human-On-A-Stick shtick — movin’ and groovin’ and dancin’ to the music provided by McNally Smith College of Music students and faculty members. Don’t be surprised if you see such movers and shakers as St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Minnesota Public Radio’s Tony Bol and McNally Smith President Harry Chalmiers on one!

The St. Paul Art Collective/St. Paul Art Crawl is legendary in the Twin Cities arts world. And it will be celebrating its 31st Art Crawl year this season, making it one of the longest-running events of its kind in the nation. The Art Crawl is run by the artists themselves, and was developed out of a need for the artists who live and work in the Lowertown community to reach audiences for their art. The Saint Paul Art Crawl is always free, and open to all.

Its mission is to create an artist-run venue, which facilitates a mutually beneficial and meaningful interaction between the arts community and the public. Last year in spring 2010, the first SoundCrawl was held, because — to borrow part of a line from The Current radio station — “every Art Crawl deserves a soundtrack!” The SoundCrawl project grew out of discussions begun in 2009 by Chris Osgood, VP at McNally Smith College of Music, and the music college’s faculty members, J. Anthony Allen, Producer of the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts, 2003 – 2009) and Chris Cunningham, McNally Smith Composition and Songwriting Department Head. Other organizers included: JP Hungelmann, Founder and producer of the Spark Festival “Nightlife” programming, DJ, Producer and founder of Timefog Recordings; Tony Bol: VP of Events, MPR; and Robyn Priestley of The St. Paul Art Crawl.

Now it’s quickly become part of the Art Crawl scene. The Fall line up for the 2011 parade will also feature a marching, strolling, rocking and literally rolling hybrid music and art celebration — all brought to you by McNally Smith College of Music and its co-sponsors Human on A and Minnesota Public Radio.

The parade will muster and warm up in front of the college at 5:30 p.m. and proceed down Cedar towards Lowertown at 6:00 p.m.. Mears Park will be the final destination and groups will continue to circle and perform around and in the park until 8:00 p.m., providing an eclectic and fun prelude to the FREE Art Crawl weekend festivities where some of the best artists of all stripes will be showcasing their work at various Lowertown locations.

Besides the Segways, confirmed participating groups in the SoundCrawl Parade include:

  • The Full Circle Maximalist Marching Ensemble (McNally Smith and community with special guest Hastings 3000)
  • Laptopia Laptop Marching Band (McNally Smith and community)
  • Stop! The Black Sheep (McNally Smith Hip-Hop Diploma Student MC/Poets)
  • The Jack Brass Band (New Orleans style strolling band)
  • The Art Cars
  • The Infiammati Fire Circus (Fire Juggling, Stilt Walking Immortals)

For parade route and background performer’s information, go to Get your Crawl on!