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It’s That Time of Year…

McNally Smith students, instructors, alumni, Registrar, Chairs, President, and Co-Founder joined their musical talents to create this spectacular compilation. This is the second year McNally Smith has created music to help make the world a better place by donating the CD to the Minnesota Aids Project.

The compilation consists of various genres including, pop, R&B, traditional carols, alternative, fusion, and hip-hop. The majority of songs are original pieces. Harry Chalmiers, President, penned WeCan Sing the Truth, a holiday song with a gospel feel sung by Judi Donaghy, head of the Vocal Department. Production majors Israil Ali, and Zack Taylor produced and wrote songs. Israil composed California Christmas as he walked down Hollywood Blvd. from his internship at Cube Vision in LA. The original idea, for Tim Bjorkman’s Gift Wrap came from his lack of funds to buy his mom a gift. So he decided to Gift Wrap his love.

December 1, 2007 is World Aids Day. McNally Smith College of Music will perform at the Rotunda in the Mall of America to bring attention to the ongoing fight to stop HIV.

You can purchase a copy of the CD and contribute to this cause at: Minnesota Aids Project.