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McNally Smith Student Studies Music in Germany

Alex Born is a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance student from the Twin Cities and this will be his first experience in Europe.The Spring/Summer semester at Lübeck Musikhochschule runs from April 2nd through the 13th of July. Alex will be able to take any courses he wishes from the Musikhochschule catalogue including Classical guitar, guitar pedagogy, piano, ensembles, music history, music theory, studio production techniques, etc. Any courses successfully completed at the Musikhochschule can be transferred back to McNally Smith.

Our Division is extremely proud of Alex as our first “export” study abroad student, and we wish him the very best of luck. He will certainly have a great time in this very historic city, once the home to our McNally Smith satellite campus. Alex will maintain a blog, accessible from our McNally Smith web site, containing information and pictures from his experiences at the Musikhochschule.

Lübeck was the home of Dietrich Buxtehude in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s. Buxtehude was the organist at the Marienkirche (Saint Mary’s church), one of the massive churches in the town. The beautiful church, built between 1250 and 1350, still stands and plays host to traditional church services as well as musical concerts. The composer, Buxtehude, is buried inside the massive structure. Johann Sebastian Bach, George Friderich Handel, and Johann Matheson all traveled to Lübeck in the 1700’s to study music with the aging master, Dietrich Buxtehude. The city is well preserved and it is amazing to walk the streets and hallways once traversed by these historic composers. Nearby, Hamburg was a famous stomping grounds for a quaint little rock and roll group called The Beatles in the early 1960’s.

The Lübeck Musikhochschule also sends students here to Saint Paul to study at our very own McNally Smith College of Music. We hosted Markus Rollwage last summer (2006) and there is already a plan to host pianist/bassist/singer/songwriter Fabian Bade for the Fall semester, 2007.

The exchange between the Lübeck Musikhochschule and the McNally Smith College of music represents a cultural, musical, academic exchange between two countries and two schools. We hope to expand international offerings at McNally Smith in the future, and possibly create additional exchange opportunities with other universities and conservatories abroad.

Students who are interested in applying to be an exchange student for a semester at the Musikhochschule Lübeck should contact Dr. Mike Bogle, Chair of Professional Writing & International Programs at McNally Smith College at 651-288-4902 or by email at

Study Abroad at Lübeck Musikhochschule through McNally Smith College of Music.