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The All-Star Scholarships!

Note: The following scholarships have been replaced and are no longer offered. For a current list of scholarships offered by McNally Smith, visit the Scholarships page.


The Diana Ross Scholarship

The Diana Ross Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship presented to either current or incoming McNally Smith College music performance student every academic year. The full scholarship is applied to tuition, after any federal or state grant funding, to obtain a Bachelor of Music or Associate of Applied Science Degree in Music Performance. The applicant must perform an original Diana Ross song from the list below, the winner will be chosen by Diana Ross!

2008 Song List:

Love Child
Touch Me in the Morning
Ease on Down the Road
It’s My House
The Boss
I’m Coming Out
Upside Down
Endless Love
Why Do Fools Fall in Love
Reach Out and Touch
Stop in the Name of Love
Baby Love
You Can’t Hurry Love

The Ice Cube Scholarship

The Ice Cube Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship presented to a McNally Smith College music technology applicant every academic year.

The McNally Smith College of Music Scholarship Selection Committee will select five finalists for the “Ice Cube Challenge”.  Ice Cube will then present those five finalists with a basic starting point, a beat, and hook line. The finalists will fill in the bass line, arrangement, and lyrics. They are to use this opportunity to showcase their talent/skills/creativity to develop a song. Ice Cube will review the five projects and choose a winner based on what he likes best and who shows the most potential.

The Queen Scholarship

The Queen Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship presented to a McNally Smith College composition applicant every academic year.

“The Queen Songwriting Competition”

Create an original composition, words and music, of approximately 3 ½ minutes long.  Your composition must be presented on CD or you may submit via MP3 online.  No profanity please.  Please include a lyric sheet for each song.
Five finalists will have their submissions presented to the members of Queen who will then choose the winner. See the full rules at