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ANNOUNCING: 2008/2009 Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our scholarship awards.  As we receive many applications from deserving students, we want to thank all who have participated in this process.  Good luck to all in your pursuit of a future in music.

2008-2009 Scholarship Winners

Conclave – Brody Meinke
Ben Sidran Award – Josiah Kosier
Chris Coleman Award – Sten Johnson
Debbie Duncan Award – John Cheatem
Marv Dahlgren Award – Daniel Heier
Mike Elliot Award – Andrew Burgess
Mike Watt Award – Mark Sweeney
Schmitt Award – Gerard Ahlgren
Susan O’Neil Award – Molly Rustin

Founders’ Scholarships
Ryan Braun
Zachary Parnell
Kai Stenlund
Chris Yeager
Stacy Berkner
Jason Fabus
David Erickson
Nicholas Garrison
Jonathan Fant
Anna Johnson
Nicholas Delcambre
Michelle Schneider
Michael Mathiesen
Tyler Meyer

Finalists for the All-Star Scholarships
Diana Ross – John Cheatem, Stacy Berkner, Jason Fabus, Sten Johnson, Molly Rustin
Ice Cube – Josiah Kosier, Zach Parnell, Kai Stenlund, Chris Yeager, Tyler Meyer
Queen – Anna Johnson, Jonathan Fant
For more information on scholarships please see our Scholarships Page.