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McNally Smith Presents Devil’s Advocate:
Give it Away, The Culture of Free

Emily White’s unwittingly incendiary blog post, I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With, remains a poignant talker even four months after the NPR intern kicked a hornet’s nest by admitting to ripping nearly all of the 11,000 songs housed in her iTunes library.

“I honestly don’t think my peers and I will ever pay for albums,” the then 20-year-old posited. “I do think we will pay for convenience.”

White’s post spawned a heated retort from the likes of David Lowery (Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker) and Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing), which, in turn, elicited rebuttals form the folks like Bob Lefsetz (Leftsetz Letter), and Travis Morrison (Dismemberment Plan, Huffington Post). But after all the yelling and screaming, are we really any closer to emerging with a music business model befitting of the digital age?

Fuse’s Dan Brown comes to the defense of Emily White

McNally Smith College of Music is excited to continue the conversation on campus this Friday with Devil’s Advocate: Give it Away, The Culture of Free. This event promises to be a riveting forum, allowing both sides of the music downloading debate to be heard.

On Friday, October 19th at 2:00PM, John Munson (Semisonic, The New Standards, 89.3 The Current), Sean McPherson (Heiruspecs, McNally Smith), Timothy Matson (lawyer for Lommen Abdo, which represents the likes of Owl City, Hall & Oates, Booker T) and Nancy Sims (Copyright Program Librarian from The University of Minnesota) will engage in a pros and cons conversation about the value of recorded music in the digital landscape.

The debate, moderated by McNally Smith’s own Adam Levy (The Honeydogs), promises to be topical, timely and paramount to anyone making music today. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.

Devil’s Advocate: Give It Away, The Culture of Free
Friday, Oct 19th 2:00PM-3:30PM (Auditorium)

with Sean McPherson, John Munson, Ken Abdo and Nancy Sims
Moderated by Adam Levy