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McNally Smith College of Music Bolsters Commitment to Future Music Professionals with Premier Scholarship Program

McNally Smith College of Music announced today the details of its 2015 Premier Scholarship — a merit-based financial aid program that rewards students who show outstanding promise and ambition in music, technology and academics. As part of McNally Smith’s commitment to invest in talent and make a quality music education affordable for all deserving students, the College increased its scholarship fund by over 20% for 2015 in order to continue to attract and recruit the world’s most promising young music professionals.

Premier Scholarships are available to both incoming and returning students, and qualified applicants are now eligible to receive a tuition discount of up to $7,000 per semester. Premier Scholarships automatically renew every semester as long as the recipient is enrolled full-time. Students are eligible to receive up to $14,000 per year in awards — a total tuition savings of $56,000 over four years. Because this is a scholarship, recipients who adhere to scholarship terms and conditions will have no money to repay.

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McNally Smith awards both merit and need-based aid, and more than 85% of students receive financial assistance to help cover their educational costs. For 2015, the College has increased its scholarship budget by 22% — making an even greater financial contribution towards the next generation of music professionals.

“I wouldn’t be at McNally Smith without the financial support that my Premier Scholarship gives me,” says 18-year-old Piano Performance major Donita Fatland, a sophomore from Colfax, Iowa who also benefitted financially by starting her degree program while still in high school through McNally Smith’s PSEO program. “But this award means so much more to me than money — it’s validation that I can accomplish any goal I set out to achieve in my music career.”

“Both our Premier Scholarship program and our increase in merit-based scholarship funding speaks to the College’s mission to foster and support the talented music makers and creative professionals of tomorrow,” says McNally Smith President Harry Chalmiers. “We’re proud to offer these scholarships to reward our passionate and hard working students and help make it possible for them to fully focus on honing their craft and realizing their goal of establishing a life in music through a McNally Smith education.”

Premier Scholarships are available to students in all degree programs at McNally Smith, and are generally awarded to those who:

  • Demonstrate exceptional musical, creative or technical excellence (through auditions or submitted work)
  • Demonstrate ambition and commitment toward achieving excellence through references, essays or record of extracurricular activities and accomplishments)
  • Demonstrate high academic standards (reflected in grade transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, or other measures of academic success)