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McNally Smith Increases Founders Grant Funding for 2015, Bolsters Commitment to Help Aspiring Music Professionals Pay for College

McNally Smith College of Music announced today a 10% increase in funding for its 2015 Founders Grant — a need-based financial aid program that helps students pay for their college education. Qualified applicants will now be eligible to receive up to $4800 per semester in tuition relief. On average, qualifying students will receive $3000 per semester; potentially saving students $6000 or more on tuition per year. Because this is a grant, recipients who adhere to program terms and conditions will have no money to repay.

The Founders Grant reinforces McNally Smith’s commitment to invest in talentand make a quality music education affordable for all deserving students. Additionally, McNally Smith has also increased its merit-based scholarship budget by 22% for 2015, offering further support for students who excel in music, technology or academics. The College projects to award more than $2 million in institutional aid in 2015, with more than 85% of students receiving financial assistance to help cover their educational costs.

“By allocating even more resources to our need-based financial aid program we’re furthering the mission of the College and its founders to foster and support as many future music makers and creative professionals as we possibly can,” says McNally Smith President Harry Chalmiers. “In the face of rising tuition costs across the country, the Founders Grant provides significant financial relief to students who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to pursue a music career through an education at McNally Smith.

To qualify for the Founders Grant, students must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credits per semester) at McNally Smith and maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Founders Grant awards may be available for up to 8 semesters per student, depending on program. To apply, students simply need to submit a Federal Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) with their entrance application.

For eligibility and application details, visit:

Founders Grant Deadlines

  • Early Priority Deadline: March 15
  • Priority Deadline: April 18