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McNally Smith’s “Best Of 2013” Compilation Showcases Top Student-Made Music

McNally Smith is proud to announce the arrival its third annual “Best Of” compilation, which showcases the College’s finest student-created work of 2013. In what is swiftly becoming a storied year-end tradition, “McNally Smith: Best of 2013” spotlights 10 tracks of original material, all recorded and mixed in the school’s top-flight studio complex. The album is available for free download at; physical CDs are available for free on McNally Smith’s St. Paul campus.

Response to previous years’ “Best Of” releases has been overwhelmingly positive, with Twin Cities music authority Andrea Swennson (of 89.3 The Current, then editor of City Pages’ Gimmie Noise) writing: “A few things become clear while spinning this new compilation from the McNally Smith College of Music: They have some incredibly talented students, they have high-quality recording equipment at their disposal, and their latest crop of performers are churning out work from every end of the musical spectrum.”

“In today’s current academic setting, it’s still painfully rare that music students get to focus on the music of the people — contemporary, commercial music,” says album co-producer and McNally Smith Vocal Performance faculty member Judi Vinar. “Such popular styles are driven by our youth, so listeners of ‘Best Of 2013’ should enjoy and take note — what they’re hearing is the future.”

“Whether we are just attracting amazing students, or we’re turning them into these kinds of talents through our guidance (and I expect it’s a good mix of both), this recording is a powerful statement,” adds McNally Smith President Harry Chalmiers. “I couldn’t be happier to celebrate this latest collection as the ‘Best Of’ McNally Smith College of Music, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear what we’ve been up to.”