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McNally Smith’s Dave Stanoch Joins Modern Drummer’s Educational Team

Longtime McNally Smith faculty member Dave Stanoch—an in-demand drummer (both locally and nationally) who has played with the likes of Sheryl Crow, George Clinton, Bonnie Raitt and Stanley Jordan and studied under the giants of the trade like Elliot Fine, Max Roach and Jeff Hamilton—has recently been named to Modern Drummer’s first-ever Educational Team.

The Educational Team consists of a roundtable of 16 respected drummer/educators—including the likes of Jim Riley and Jim Payne—who weigh in on various topics such as the pros and cons of practicing with a metronome or if “feel” is a skill that can be taught.

“Everybody has a different point of view, and everybody has something to share, says Stanoch. “It’s really interesting to get everybody’s feedback, because there’s really something to learn, even for [those of us on the Educational Team].”

As an avid reader of the magazine since it’s inception over 35 years ago, Stanoch is honored to be contributing to the most revered percussion-centric periodical in the world.

“When Modern Drummer was new, I was really fascinated with it because everybody on the cover each month was somebody that I was familiar with,” Stanoch says. “I learned a lot of great stuff by reading those interviews, and they always had educational columns that I could apply to everything I was playing at the time. Jazz and R & B and funk and rock; they were covering it all.”

Stanoch has had several articles published in Modern Drummer over the last few years, but he really made his mark as a writer when his instructional book, Mastering The Tables Of Time (distributed worldwide by Alfred Music Publishing), won the category of “Best Educational Book” in the magazine’s 2009 reader’s poll. The book has also drawn rave reviews from some of the biggest names in the drumming community like Peter Erskine, Steve Smith, Bernard Purdie, Louie Bellison, Ed Shaughnessy and Stanton Moore.

Mastering The Tables Of Time stresses the importance of comprehending and manipulating the quarter-note pulse, and the numerous subdivisions of time that flow through or around it. Future books will follow, but for now, Stanoch has his calloused drummer’s hands quite full between gigging, teaching at McNally Smith and regularly contributing to Modern Drummer.

“It’s a new step for the magazine,” Stanoch says of the Educational Team, which may one day expand to include live roundtable discussions, clinics and the like. “It’s fresh, and for me, it’s really an honor to be in such good company. And for [Modern Drummer] to think that I might have something to add is really an empowering and encouraging thing.”

Follow the topics Stanoch and the rest of the MD Educational Team will be tackling on a monthly basis right here.