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Nice Ride comes to McNally Smith Campus

Nice Ride Minnesota’s bright green bikes are finally coming to downtown St. Paul, and McNally Smith College of Music is proud to announce its very own station on the corner of W 10th St and Cedar St. For those not familiar with the Nice Ride system, the bikes can be checked out from any station and returned to any other station, making for an extremely convenient way to get about town(s).

To use Nice Ride, you need a subscription. 24-hour subscriptions can be purchased using a credit card at the pay station located at each Nice Ride station. Users can also purchase a 1 year or 30-day subscription by signing up on line. McNally Smith students can take advantage of a $10 savings on yearly subscriptions ($55).

24-hour subscribers will be issued unlocking codes at the pay station, 1 year and 30-day subscribers will receive a Nice Ride key. Simply enter the unlocking code or insert your key in the dock of an available bike. When the green light turns on, pull the handlebars firmly toward you to release the bike.

You can return your bike to any station in the system. Choose an empty space and push your bike firmly into the dock. When the bike is properly locked, the green light on the dock will turn on. Make sure the green light turns on. A bike that is not properly returned remains your responsibility. If you have trouble locking your bike, please try another dock.

After the recent downtown expansion, the total number of Nice Ride stations in Minneapolis and St. Paul will be 146, with 1,328 bikes in the fleet. Most of the new St. Paul Nice Ride stations will be installed by next week.