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This Weekend! McNally Smith Musical Theater
Ensemble Presents: The Rocky Horror Show

Halloween may be in the rear view mirror, but that doesn’t mean that all of 2012’s freaky fun has passed you by. In fact, the Musical Theater Ensemble is hard at work prepping a McNally Smith take on the timeless classic horror/sci-fi/b-movie musical, The Rocky Horror Show!

Plenty of spirited singing, risque dancing and general transvestite-heavy hijinks are bound to ensue both onstage and off, so don’t miss out on your chance to get weird with a super-fun group of folks! Performances take place at the History Theatre Friday, November 9 at 7:30 and Saturday, November 10 and 7:30 and 10:30. The best part? All performances are FREE! FREE! FREE! 

Members of Musical Theater Ensemble stopped by The Frequency studios this week to talk about their upcoming production of The Rocky Horror Show!

Brad:  Brad Kalhoff
Janet:  Elyse Barnard
Riff Raff:  Brody Meinke
Columbia:  Emily Villano
Magenta:  Faydra Lagro
Dr. Frank ‘N Furter:  Chris Robertson
Rocky:  Alex Kiel
Eddie/ Dr. Scott:  Mahle Roth
Also Starring: Lucas Beach, Shana Berg, Kayla Bogan,
Garrison Laborde, Taylor Muell, Atim Opoka, Jacob Rahier
and Ta-Tiana Williams

Piano:  Nic Delcambre
Guitar: Henry Ingber
Guitar:  John McNally
Bass:  Ryan Janssen
Drums:  Zach Brawford

Production Stage Manager:  Brooke Hess
Director:  Erin Schwab
Musical Director:  Shon Parker
Choreography:  Kevin Werner Hohlstein