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Placement Testing at Orientation

Do you have prior experience in Music Theory, Ear Training, and Desktop Publishing? If so, you are invited to take the test out exams for one or all of these classes during Spring Orientation.

If you are interested in taking the Music Theory or Ear Training placement exam, please take the following self-tests first to help you determine whether or not you should take the full placement exams.

Desktop Publishing: Students who have a significant amount of skill and experience using Finale or Sibelius notation software are encouraged to take the exam. If you feel that you could copy parts 1 and 2 of the Mock Exams below as indicated with 50 minutes, you have a good chance of testing out of MUS143. Students must score at least an 80% to test out of MUS143.

Students who successfully test out of a class will be charged a one-time $400 test-out fee, regardless of how many courses students tests out of.


If you have questions about placement testing, contact Dr. Jay Fuchs, Music Theory Dept. Head at For questions about Desktop Publishing placement testing, Contact Pete Whitman at


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